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Workplace Wellness


A Customized Approach to

Wellness in the Workplace

If you're feeling distant, there's no better time to come together!

Workplace Wellness offers creative solutions – virtually and onsite—to help employees manage stress and communicate better.

Help your employees become more resilient under stress. 

Workplace Wellness is a program of Intersect, Inc. Contact us for information and a quote to help your workplace be well: 765.683.0452

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Low productivity?
Increased turnover? 
Decreased quality? 
Toxic work culture?

Stress and poor communication are frequently at the root of these common business problems. Workplace Wellness helps organizations meet these issues head-on. Our skilled trainers provide fun, educational team-building workshops that teach employees effective communication and stress management skills. 

Recent studies* indicate that:

  • 94% of employees experience workplace stress. 

  • 33% of workers consider resigning due to frustration from poor communication. 

  • Peer support and positive communication are among the strongest predictors of employee health, well-being and a cohesive work group.

*Dynamic Signal’s 2018 State of Employee Communication and Engagement Report; Team Awareness and Team Resilience study, Joel Bennett, OWLS


The purpose of the Workplace Wellness Workshop is to help businesses understand, improve, and maintain the positive feedback system between worker health and total organizational health. All work is based on scientific research and is customized to meet the organization’s unique set of needs, risks, and current level of wellness. 


Several companies have used the training as wellness points for health benefit cost reductions.

What Data Says:

According to Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems data: 

  • Peer support, group cohesion and positive communication are among the strongest workplace-based predictors of employee health and wellbeing.

  • Peers know about behavior concerns in their coworkers and may be able to help them.

  • A poor work climate contributes to employee risk of unhealthy dietary habits, alcohol abuse and bullying.  

  • Coworkers can influence healthy behaviors.


Workshops are facilitated by Wendy Cook and Shelly Ross, skilled trainers with education and experience in psychology and social services fields.

Wendy Cook 


Wendy Cook graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Addictions Counseling from Indiana Wesleyan University.  She became an Indiana Certified Prevention Professional in 2007.  Wendy has worked in the Substance Abuse Prevention field for over 12 years, specializing in Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention Initiatives. She has managed the Drug Free Communities Grant and a state funded substance abuse prevention grant.  Wendy currently is the Relationship Coordinator of the Indiana Tobacco Prevention Grant. She resides in Pendleton, Indiana with her husband, Chad, and their four children.

Shelly Ross


Shelly Ross is the Project Coordinator of the Department of Mental Health and Addictions Prevention Block Grant.  She graduated from Ball State University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  Shelly works on initiatives to help reduce drug and alcohol use in Madison County, specifically serving the Northern Madison County area. She promotes the Northern Madison County Prevention Coalition and coordinates SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) groups at Elwood, Alexandria and Frankton schools.  Shelly oversees the Strengthening Families program in Madison County, provides businesses with Stress Management training, and assists to promote the media campaign, "Parents Who Host Lose the Most.” 


"They really need this stress training now in the midst of Covid-19. We’re living a nightmare inside a nightmare. At work, everything about how they do their job has changed, and everyone struggles with change"

Jamie Scott, Director, North Madison County Public Library System, Indiana

“It helped build relationships to have people in the training who don’t normally work together.”

Arlene Bennett, Principal, Pendleton Elementary School-Intermediate, Pendleton, Indiana

“We’ve really seen a benefit from the training. It was good for relationship-building and has made us more cohesive and transparent. It has improved how we work together and made us more aware of how each of us interprets things. Any business would benefit from the training.” 

Marcy Fry, Director, Economic & Community Development and Chamber of Commerce, City of Elwood, Indiana

“Shelly and Wendy were amazing trainers. We got such good, positive feedback from participants.” 

Marcy Fry, Director, Economic & Community Development and Chamber of Commerce, City of Elwood, Indiana

“I learned so much. I hadn’t thought about the tone I was using to communicate.”

Anonymous Participant

“We included every staff member, and it was good for our staff to come together. The trainers did a very nice job and the staff engaged with what they were sharing. They wanted to participate.”

Arlene Bennett, Principal, Pendleton Elementary School-Intermediate, Pendleton, Indiana

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